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Parent Brew Coffee

$16.99 USD $19.99 USD

Welcome to our new partner: Parent Brew! This is another small town company that we're pumped to have some of their stuff on our shelves for a little bit.

This coffee is seriously one of the yummiest I've had the pleasure of tasting in a while - and we drink a LOT of coffee around our house!

WINE OF COFFEE:   This is the "Pre-Five O'Clock" drink for SURE. It has a strong dulche de leche flavor and a few other wonderful bits and pieces. Totally a "sit and take a break" coffee :) --> if you get one of those!

EXTRA CAFFEINE: Parents are the best, they are even better when properly caffeinated. How on hell are we going to be able to chase the kids around, roughhouse, play tea party, clean up & feed them after a full day of work? Caffeine and lots of it. This roast is "for the doers."

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